Indibar 4

The program improves the menu top bar of your communicator.

Allows you to create a customized menu system 3 types:

  • Shortcuts launcher (include widgets);
  • StartMenu launcher;
  • Taskmanager;


  • TaskManager allows to operate the started application (Switch, Close, Close all, Close Incative)
  • Task Panel it is show and switching of active application in the top bar
  • Mobile launcher. Flexibly customizable menu
  • Widgets:: backlight, volume, volume profiles, shortcuts, contacts, lock screen
  • Indicators. Flexibly customizable indicators of a charge of the battery and operative memory
  • Close button – replaces the button of closing of the active application
  • Shortcuts allow to assign the basic functions to hardware buttons
  • Fingertip friendly
  • Kinetix effects
  • Language: English, German, Russian
  • Trial period: 10-day
  • How to use the menu.

  • Add your button and link to the appropriate menu.(Indibar settings/Taskmanager tab/Buttons)
  • Make a gesture as shown in the screenshot.
  • Gestures

    1. Taskmanager menu
    2. StartMenu launcher;
    3. Shortcuts launcher;
    4. Go to today (minimize all applications);

    Try now:

    Link Version Size Hits
    Indibar cab-setup MB6826
    Indibar cab-setup(zip) 4.0.11503.35 KB4573
    Indibar exe-setup 4.0.11540 KB13859

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  • Features
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  • Release History
  • Support

    Windows Mobile 5
    Windows Mobile 6 Classic
    Windows Mobile 6 Professional
    Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic
    Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional